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Choose Your Look

  • Silver metal braces

    Metal Braces

    There are various brands, types and configurations of metal brackets available today. Technology has played a significant role in the manufacturing of today’s brackets and bracket systems. At Habern Orthodontics we offer self ligating braces…the modern choice in teeth straightening. Self ligating braces can straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces. They’re more comfortable too! Plus, your appointments will be faster and you’ll need fewer visits.

  • Gold braces

    Gold Braces

    Gold braces are stainless steel braces coated with 24-karat gold and are popular with patients of all ages. As with traditional metal braces, gold braces use metal brackets and an archwire to slowly align the teeth and gradually perfect the smile. Gold braces are stylish and ensure the progress of orthodontics, so patients can look great both during and after their treatment is complete.

  • Ceramic braces

    Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces are an aesthetic option that offers a less visible and obvious alternative to metal braces. Like the self ligating system, an archwire is secured by a small latch on each bracket eliminating the need for an elastic to secure the archwire to the bracket… straightening your teeth faster. Ceramic braces combine the look and comfort that image-conscious patients demand with the strength and functionality Dr. Habern requires.

  • Invisalign braces


    The clear choice for a beautiful smile. Just because you’re wearing braces doesn’t mean everyone has to know. Invisalign aligner trays are the clear alternative to metal braces for teens and adults. When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are a lot of options, but few offer the convenience and confidence of Invisalign. Just imagine how great it will be to achieve a straight, beautiful smile without feeling
    self-conscious during your orthodontic treatment. Many of our patients prefer Invisalign, and the reasons are clear:

    • Smooth and comfortable to wear
    • Removable for eating and special occasions
    • Almost invisible